Schumacher F1 return confirmed

(CNN) — Seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher is to return to Formula One next season to drive for Mercedes, the German carmaker announced on Wednesday.

The 40-year-old German, who retired in 2006, has agreed a three-year contract with the possibility for a further extension according to his agent Sabine Kehm and will be on the grid for the curtain-opening Bahrain Grand Prix on March 14.

Schumacher, who was unveiled at the team’s factory in Brackley, will join compatriot Nico Rosberg at the former Brawn GP team, who were taken over by Mercedes at the end of last season having won the constructors’ and drivers world championships.

“After a three-year break, I have all the energy again that I was lacking,” Schumacher told reporters via a teleconference call.

Schumacher title talk is festive fantasy

Schumacher, who won five of his world titles with Ferrari, attempted to make a comeback for the Italian team last year in place of the injured Felipe Massa, but a neck injury sustained in a motorcycle race thwarted his return.

However, Schumacher moved to quell doubts over his current ability to race: “My neck is no longer a problem,” he said.

“Over the summer it was too soon after the accident. Now everything has healed,” said Schumacher, who will have his first practice session with his new team on February 1.

“I have decided to return to Formula One. Mercedes GP and I agreed on teaming up for the coming seasons. And to be honest, I’m already super excited by the prospect to be back in a F1 cockpit,” he added on his official Web site.

“I don’t want to deny at all that the idea of a German F1 team extremely tempts me. I guess every German driver would feel this way. And of course it plays a major role that I again can work together with Ross at Mercedes GP. Above all, however, my old hunger for racing is back — I realized that my old passion was returning. Suddenly I was on fire again,” he added.

The comeback is just the latest chapter in a remarkable career for the driver who currently holds the record for grand prix wins (91) and most world titles.

His return, just 11 days short of his 41st birthday, will easily make him the oldest driver on the grid and will leave Schumacher aiming to match the feats of former great Juan Manuel Fangio of Argentina, who was a world champion at the age of 46 in 1957.

Rumors have been circulating for several weeks that he would return instead with Mercedes, where he will be reunited with team chief Ross Brawn, who helped to him to his string of five titles at Ferrari.

Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo told reporters at their Christmas lunch last week that Schumacher had revealed to him he was close to a return with Mercedes.

“I hadn’t spoken to him since Abu Dhabi but I spoke to him on Wednesday,” Di Montezemolo said. “He phoned me and he told me that there is a very, very, very strong possibility [of joining Mercedes] ”

Schumacher, who has acted as a consultant with Ferrari since he retired, will be ending a 13-year association with the famous marquee, but with the returning Massa and new-signing Fernando Alonso in their line-up for 2009 that route to return was blocked.

His aborted 2009 comeback created worldwide interest and he said then that abandoning his plans was one of the most disappointing moments of his life.

But Schumacher has worked his way back to fitness and put on an impressive display in the Race of Champions exhibition in China in November to underline his readiness for a new comeback.

The confirmation of the world champion’s return caps a good week for the fledgling Mercedes team, who announced a long-term sponsorship agreement with Malaysian national oil and gas company Petronas.

From 2010, the new “Silver Arrows” team will compete in the World Championship as the Mercedes Petronas Formula One Team according to statement on their official Web site.

Schumi, Happy Birthday

Schumi in China




Schumi 1992



1 是去年,出租车司机开的太慢,舒米忍不住自己开了,期间超速未被抓。

Formula One’s Michael Schumacher takes wheel of slow cab to airport
Yahoo Sports/AP ^ | 12/12/2007 | Associated Press
Posted on 2007年12月14日 17:19:24 by Drago

BERLIN (AP) — Cab drivers are best known for giving hair-raising rides, not being taken on them.

But when one cabbie in southern Germany apparently wasn’t driving fast enough, his customer, former Formula One champion Michael Schumacher, took the wheel himself.

“It was sheer lunacy,” cabbie Tuncer Yilmaz told the Muenchener Abendzeitung newspaper. “He took the curves with full speed, but you couldn’t even notice it. He just knows how to do it.”

Schumacher’s spokeswoman, Sabine Kehm, confirmed the story Wednesday. She said Schumacher had flown in from Switzerland on Saturday on his private jet to buy a puppy from a breeder in the town of Gesuelz.

When Yilmaz picked up the seven-time Formula One champion and his family at the Coburg airport, he was star-struck.

“I was so nervous,” Yilmaz said. “I was so confused that I almost forgot all traffic rules.”

So on the way back to the airport Schumacher, the most successful driver in Formula One history, asked Yilmaz to slide over so he could drive.

Yilmaz said he would never forget the ride.

Nor the tip. On top of the $88.03 fare, Schumacher gave him $146.72.

Yilmaz’ only regret is that German photo radar didn’t catch Schumacher speeding, which would have produced a ticket with a photo that would have been sent to Yilmaz, as the car’s owner.

“I so much would have loved to get a speeding photo of this ride,” Yilmaz told the Abendzeitung. “I would have gladly paid a ticket for that.”

2 是昨天,他在自己家附近驾驶一辆奥迪车,超速被抓,还交了75欧元的罚款。他感到抱歉,并说这是其本性使然。对此,我表示深刻理解,对于速度,我也有相当的偏好。骑自行车就喜欢飞快,学车的第一堂课,就跑到了60KM以上,教练吓得不行。但真的,我只是不由自主。

Michael Schumacher done for speeding in Audi Cabriolet

“Who do you think you are sir, Nigel Mansell?”

“Nein, Ich bin Michael Schumacher…”

Yes, Schumi has been caught speeding, on an autobahn near his German hometown of Kerpen. The multiple F1 world champ was fined €75 and docked three points on his driving licence, according to La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Schumacher was at the wheel of an Audi Cabriolet, but we don’t yet know what speed he was going – although German police have confirmed that he was stopped for speeding in a 100kph zone. German media reports suggest he was clocked at 140kph (around 75mph).

La Gazzetta claims that Schumacher would automatically have lost his license if his offence was in excess of 146kph.

“I’m really sorry, it is out of character for me. Speeding is for the racetracks only,” Schumi is quoted as saying by German newspaper Bild.

This news leaves us with one question: why drive an Audi when you can drive a Ferrari?






梦中,似乎依然是在上海赛车场,我并没有在看台上,而是在赛道旁边,看着车手一个个开车呼啸而过,还在心里念叨,哦,这是汉密尔顿,这是库比卡过了一会儿,不知怎么回事,舒米就在我身旁了,激动又紧张的我,马上和他打招呼(in English),他则笑眯眯的答应着。然后便开始聊天,具体内容记不清楚了,只记得他亲切的笑脸~~~